Vote To Leave The Solar System

This referendum might as well be a vote to leave the solar system. We’re already in a state of zero gravity.  The pull of reality, the steady anchor of facts, the solid earth of all we know and understand is long gone.

The characters are straight from Sc-fi.  The smooth replicant that is the Prime Minister has malfunctioned.  The Boris monster and his creator, the sinister Dr. Gove prowl around their lair, tended by their creepy housekeeper, Gisela. The Farage spider has six legs, each clutching a pint and a fag.  They ride around in the Liemobile, its garish paintwork embellished with porkies.  Sc-fi, maybe, but of the sort created by Gerry Anderson.  You can see the strings.

And yet it is working. The Question Time audience, the hand-picked ‘balanced’ crowd at the ‘debates’, the vox pops on radio and television, all present a dismal parade of suspicion, sullen negativity, and simmering hatred.

And what do they hate?  Everything.  Politicians, foreigners, journalists, experts.  Fact-checkers are everywhere, and still people clamour for ‘facts’ – which they then ignore.

So where is this all heading?

The best hope we have is that most people are not like the assorted malcontents cast as TV audiences, and that, in the modest privacy of the polling booth, they will vote to stay on Earth.  It could still happen.

The worst scenario is four more years of Toryism with the volume turned up.  Boriszilla stomping around providing the distractions whilst Gove, the Robespierre of this mob, plans The Terror.  How long before Madame NHS is forced to lay her neck down at the guillotine?

Because that’s the plan.  Their ‘own  side’ now say so openly on television.  John Major last Sunday, Amber Rudd last night.  A coup is happening before our eyes, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

Brexit means –

  • A new Prime Minister
  • A recession
  • A weakened currency
  • Rising unemployment
  • Privatisation of the NHS
  • Rising homelessness
  • The removal of most workplace protections on hours of work, unfair dismissal, safety, maternity rights, provision for those with disabilities, age discrimination etc.
  • The further concentration of public spending on infrastructure for London and the South East.

Brexit doesn’t mean –

  • Less immigration

So that’s what we’ll be voting on in a couple of weeks.  To ‘remain’ as a sad little island governed by a failing PM and Chancellor, OR to ‘leave’ our capacity for rational choice and to become a sad little island governed by neoliberal zealots who don’t care about the country just as long as their mates can turn London more fully into a tax haven laundering the money of kleptocrats, despots, drug dealers, and arms dealers.

Don’t say we weren’t warned.


2 thoughts on “Vote To Leave The Solar System

  1. Absolutely agree. What the Brexiteers have very cleverly, and cynically, done is managed to link an issue of very little concern to the electorate, namely the EU, to an issue of major concern, namely immigration and by lies and repetition made an apparently successful connexion between leaving the EU as a remedy for concerns about immigration, when they know damn well that leaving the EU will have no significant effect on levels of immigration to the UK.

    1. It is the level of cynicism that staggers. Though I thought they didn’t have it all their own way in the ITV debate last night. Boris is neutered by being on a mainly female platform. Looking forward to Farage’s Andrew Neil interview tonight. I hope he gets a pummelling.

      As is now traditional, can I compliment you on your letter in The Guardian yesterday? Excellent, as usual.

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