About Me

I write fiction, and I’m interested in politics. This blog began when the 2015 ‘short’ election campaign began. My other, mainly non-political blog on Blog.com became difficult to update because the site is often unreliable, so I activated this account to run a ‘Diary of a Voter’ for the duration of the campaign. I’ve decided to keep it going, because with a referendum coming up, these are interesting times.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Yasmin,

    Your article on Christian Wolmar’s talk about the lack of a UK transport policy was really excellent. If you’d like to see a PDF proof of his book please do drop me a line.
    Regards, Richard

    1. Thanks for the comment. Christian Wolmar had to rush off after the meeting in Birmingham, but most people stayed around for quite a while after, discussing the issues he’d raised. I’m sure the book, or pamphlet (25,000 words?) will also spark keen discussion.

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